About Us

Wilford Smith was established in 1981 and now stands with a reputation of being one of the leading Criminal Law firms in the country.

The firm has attracted a number of controversial cases, appearing in Courts all over the country and in Germany and Northern Ireland. We have worked on some of the most high profile cases this country has seen including the famous Bulger case.

We have acted for a large number of celebrities, such as the late television star Adam Faith, Prince Nazeem Hamed, the world champion boxer, comedians Bobby Knutt, Charlie Williams and Norman Collier to name but a few.

Recently we won the Appeal of Lord Ahmed in the Court of Appeal which has been a landmark case.

Our firm has been represented on radio and television and Steve Smith, our Senior Partner, has been a legal “expert” pundit for many years.

One of our famous cases was the “Biker Case” of John Megson who was wrongly convicted of murder.  Steve appeared in two BBC Rough Justice television programmes before winning an appeal to achieve Megson’s release.

Steve Smith appeared before the House of Commons Enquiry on Child Exploitation in January 2014, to give the benefit of his experience. He was referred to by the Chair of the Enquiry as “a leading legal mind”.

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