General Criminal Defence

In general criminal defence, Wilford Smiths has excelled for 30 years. Our friendly and straight talking team will advise you assist every step of the way

Our policy is to listen, to advise and to represent every client with understanding, skill and determination. In practice  this means that we will find out exactly what the police are accusing you of and represent your side of the story effectively so as to achieve the best possible result. Whether this is running a case to a full trial or making a strong plea in mitigation our team will take you through the process as painlessly as possible

We have a very pro-active attitude to defending because we believe that good preparation is the key to success in criminal litigation.

It is essential that the Defence react to developments in the case and we try to ensure that our clients have access to their Defence team when this happens.

We offer flexible appointment times tailored to your needs and we will always help when emergencies arise. Wherever possible there is always a member of the legal team available to see clients even when they pop in without an appointment should the need arise

At Wilford Smith’s we recognise that having an excellent Solicitor is sometimes not the whole story. Frequently a wider team of professionals is needed.

For this reason we have a register of tried and trusted experts in a wide variety of disciplines.

To start with we have a detailed list of Barristers, all experts in their own fields, primarily for our Crown Court cases, who we select depending on the case in question.

We also have similar panels of specialists from Psychiatrists to Forensic Science experts.

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