Motoring Offences

Road Traffic offences of course are the only way in which most people ‘have a brush with the law’.

They are frequently regarded as ‘minor offences’, but here at Wilford Smiths we recognise that when they happen they can have a massive impact on the individual.

Disqualification from driving can literally change a person’s life, and so we take these matters extremely seriously.

The law in this area is surprisingly complicated, and so if you are facing a motoring charge, particularly one that is going to have an impact on your life, we strongly recommend you consult our experts who will advise you on what your plea ought be, and how best to avoid the most serious consequences of any driving offence you may have committed.

Wilford Smith has a specialist department which handles all such cases, and in particular:

  • Dangerous driving
  • Defending drink/drive prosecutions.
  • Special arguments to avoid ‘totting up’ disqualifications.
  • Applications for the early return of driving licences
  • Speeding, traffic signal, and other ‘moving traffic’ offences
  • Construction and Use, overloading and dangerous vehicles

This is an area of law where most people pay privately, but sometimes Legal Aid is available and it costs nothing to ask.  Just telephone us and we will advise accordingly.

We travel the country providing first class representation taking the strain from you in dealing with the Court appearance. In, short we will do the talking when we can. Our work is carried out with experience and care to achieve the best possible result to protect your licence and livelihood.

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